1. I came across this remarkable set of wallpapers by Thomas Ricciardiello yesterday and thought I’d share them here. The above screen grab is the one I’m currently using on my home screen, but the set includes 50 different wallpapers.

    From his Dribbble account:

    I’ve recently finished designing a collection of 50 wallpapers made for iPhone home screens. Without app icon shadows, iOS 7 can make the home screen look quite cluttered. I started with very simple ambient colour spectrums and decided to make a few more.

  2. Here is a photo of my son Drew and I by our friend and photographer Chris Nieto. http://nietophotography.com


  3. Today my son Drew Everett Hayhurst was born. I am so blessed.

    1/4/14 • 1:44pm • 8lb 8oz • 21in


  4. Reflection



  6. For what shall we do when we wake one day to find we have lost touch with our heart - Eldredge


  7. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. (Proverbs 3:6)


  8. Grandma’s Hands

    Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. Pruella C Canham was born on December 04, 1924 and died on August 14, 2007 at the age of 82. She would have been 89 years old today. She was one of my best friends. Someone I could talk to about anything and she would never pass judgement. She was the sweetest most loving and caring person I have ever met and I miss her.

    I wrote this for her funeral service:

    I would not be the man I am today without the love and teachings of my grandmother.

    I called here Grand and she truly was. She always said we were cut from the same cloth and the older I get the more I understand what she meant. She loved me so much and I knew that everyday of my life. There wasn’t a day that went by that she was not in my thoughts and prayers. She was more a best friend than a grandmother in the traditional sense of the word. She was someone who was always there for me, someone who would always listen. She never judged. She’d just listen and then tell you her thoughts when you asked.

    Grand used to tell me stories about when she was a child and I only wish I could hear her say “When I was a little girl…” one more time. She’d tell me of her father and what a great man he was and of her loving mother. She would teach me about manners and how to treat a lady. I needed to sit up straight and take off my hat inside. She wouldn’t complain, she’d just look at me and I knew, and the hat came off, and then she’d smile.

    She’d tell me I had to spit on the worm when we went fishing, and that I had to hold my mouth just right for the fish to bite. And when they didn’t and I asked why, she’d say “Let me see how you’re holding your mouth” and I’d show her, and she’d say, “Try holding it like this” and I would. Still no fish, but the look on her face as she watched me from the shore is something I will never forget.

    I can’t wait to have children and to tell them about Grand and what a wonderful women she was. I hope to remember all those stories she used to tell me endlessly and pass those on to my family. She was the sweetest, most caring women I’ve ever known and I would not be where I am or who I am without the love and caring arms of my grandmother. She was my teacher, my family, my friend, and now she has a new role as my guardian angel. I know she is in a better place and one day I will join her and we can go fishing on those heavenly shores.

    I love you, I miss you, and I will always keep your teachings, your wishes, and your memory with me. I thank the Lord every day for allowing you to be my grandmother.

    I love you.


  9. Everyday Carry // 11.26.13

    I don’t go any where without my pen & my knife; Two essential tools I use daily.

    Landmarks & Lions wallet / Uni-Ball Signo 207 pen / Kershaw 1620 Ken Onion Scallion lockblade knife


  10. Autumn